India: 46-year old healthcare worker dies 24 hours after receiving COVID-19 vaccine. Complained of breathlessness and chest congestion.

A 46-year-old healthcare worker named Mahipal Singh died on Sunday evening 24 hours after being administered the Covishield coronavirus vaccine shot. Moradabad Chief Medical Officer (CMO) stated that the death is “unrelated” to COVID-19 immunisation.

The CMO stated that Singh was vaccinated on Saturday at around 12pm. On Sunday, he had complained of breathlessness and chest congestion. Singh’s post mortem report reads that he died due to a “heart attack”.

On day 1 of the nationwide immunisation programme against COVID-19, India vaccinated 1,91,181 healthcare and frontline workers and a couple of adverse events were reported. Adverse events were reported from Delhi and Rajasthan after the vaccine shots were administered on Day1.

On day 2 of nationwide coronavirus inoculation drive, 2, 24,301 beneficiaries were administered the coronavirus vaccine. Out of these, only 447 adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) were reported , according to the Health Ministry. Out of these, three vaccine recipients needed hospital care.

Mahipal Singh had taken a shot of the SII-AstraZeneca developed coronavirus vaccine on January 16 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off the nationwide COVID-19 vaccination programme. 70.89 per cent of the targeted beneficiaries have been vaccinated in the past two days.